Gabylou, your Belgian brand of boots for wide calves!


We're a small Belgian family business founded in 2020, and our great strength is our experience in footwear production for over 20 years!

Our main mission is to satisfy women who are looking for non-standard footwear, and in particular boots that fit their calves, but are stylish, comfortable and of high quality, without having to compromise on comfort or style!

Our range mainly includes boots in different calf widths
(XS - S - XL - 2XL - 3XL - 4XL) for all occasions, from casual walks in the city to glamorous evenings out with friends.

Our selection is packed with styles, vibrant colours and killer heels.

Our wide calf boots are more than just fashion accessories. They're the result of over 20 years of footwear expertise, combining style, comfort and superior quality.

Today, our products are delivered throughout Europe in B2B and B2C.


Fashion should never be about size, it should always be about style and confidence. At Gabylou, we believe in fashion without limits, where every woman, whatever her shape, can express her personality with boldness and panache. That's why we're proud to offer non-standard products for women who refuse to conform to the narrow standards of the fashion industry.

Our boots are crafted with unparalleled expertise to ensure a perfect fit that flatters your natural curves while turning heads.

Because every woman deserves to feel fabulous and powerful in her shoes!

Let yourself be seduced by the freedom of fashion without limits, because when you're comfortable in your shoes, there are no limits to what you can achieve.